Callus develops as a result of excessive mechanical stress, such as pressure or friction, being applied to the skin over a period of time.
This can be caused by everyday events that affect the feet such as wearing shoes that rub against the skin or simply the pressure of the bodyweight on the feet.

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Increased pressure causes the cells to reproduce more quickly and the protein in the cells is turned into keratin at a faster rate than usual, the cells are less easily shed from the surface of the skin because they are harder and more compacted and so layers of thickened skin builds on areas that are exposed to abnormal pressure or frictional forces.

This build up of callus is a protective mechanism; it is your body’s way of creating an added layer of protection to protect the tissues underneath.

If the pressure and rubbing continues hard, callused skin can form which can be uncomfortable.

Reducing or removing the layers of callus can be undertaken painlessly by a podiatrist. Following the removal the callus should be prevented from coming back by removing the mechanical stress that led to its development. A specialist foot cream can also help restore the condition of the skin by breaking down the bonds that hold the skin cells together and increasing the hydration of the skin.

Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm contains urea to nourish and break down hardened, callused skin and eliminate cracks and fissures. It is enriched with a blend of olus oil, colloidal oat and nourishing vitamin E which help soothe inflammation, Dermosoft® decalact – a natural antimicrobial ingredient and Thuja occidentalis extract known to have antifungal and antiviral activity. Read more about Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm here.

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