The frustration of not getting a diagnosis – Charcot foot – and why healthcare professionals need to work with their patients.
October 5, 2018,
Post by Dr Anders
One of our members of the FeelYourFeet community is currently living with a suspected Charcot foot. ‘Charcot’ is a condition that affects the bones, joints and soft tissues of the foot and ankle and it often starts with inflammation or redness. It is progressive and results in bone destruction and deformity, which then leaves the …Read More
What is Talipes?
September 28, 2018,
Post by Dr Anders
The term ‘Talipes’ comes from the Latin words talus (ankle) and pes (foot). It is thought during pregnancy the normal development of the foetus is interrupted resulting in a deformity at birth of the child’s limb. Talipes was previously considered as a foot deformity – hence the name club foot – however it is now recognised …Read More