What is Talipes?
September 28, 2018,
Post by Dr Anders
The term ‘Talipes’ comes from the Latin words talus (ankle) and pes (foot). It is thought during pregnancy the normal development of the foetus is interrupted resulting in a deformity at birth of the child’s limb. Talipes was previously considered as a foot deformity – hence the name club foot – however it is now recognised …Read More
Join Our #LoveYourFeet Campaign!
June 29, 2018,
Post by Dr Anders
As part of our mission to raise awareness to reduce preventable foot problems, we want you to get involved in our #LoveYourFeet campaign! Help us to raise awareness by sending us a photo of your feet! Feet come in all shapes and sizes and there are many people suffering from foot problems which aren’t spoken about. Our …Read More