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  • A supportive community dedicated to foot health
  • Helping you to understand how foot problems develop
  • Enabling you to love and nurture your feet
  • Sharing stories and connecting people so we can all appreciate how important our feet are
  • Driving change and improving awareness to reduce preventable foot problems

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What do your feet say about your health?

Feet are incredible, they are our foundation and yet they are so often neglected. They often mirror our general health so it’s vital that you can recognise problems early and not ignore them. By making expert foot education accessible and understandable we want to change foot care attitudes. We want you to understand how fantastic your feet are and how hard they work for you. Let’s stop being embarrassed and hiding our feet away, feel them, nurture them, value them, they carry you every day!
Join the foot health community, share your foot stories and inspire others to appreciate how important our feet are.

Latest Blogs

The frustration of not getting a diagnosis – Charcot foot – and why healthcare professionals need to work with their patients.
October 5, 2018,
Post by Dr Anders
One of our members of the FeelYourFeet community is currently living with a suspected Charcot foot. ‘Charcot’ is a condition that affects the bones, joints and soft tissues of the foot and ankle and it often starts with inflammation or redness. It is progressive and results in bone destruction and deformity, which then leaves the …Read More
What is Talipes?
September 28, 2018,
Post by Dr Anders
The term ‘Talipes’ comes from the Latin words talus (ankle) and pes (foot). It is thought during pregnancy the normal development of the foetus is interrupted resulting in a deformity at birth of the child’s limb. Talipes was previously considered as a foot deformity – hence the name club foot – however it is now recognised …Read More

Latest News

What does the New Year mean to you?
January 9, 2019,
Post by Dr Anders
This week I’d planned on writing a post about the New Year, goal setting and creating an action plan to implement those changes, with a particular focus on why foot health is important in many of our New Year resolutions. However yesterday brought the saddest, most tragic news in our podiatry community which has made …Read More


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